Values & Mission Statement

We strive to provide new high quality and reliable devices that are backed up by sound clinical evidence. All of the medical products we supply have a positive effect on patient, surgeon and hospital.

Our Company Values

Inomed Health is extremely proud of our values as a healthcare provider of medical devices.

These are:

  • Conforming to healthcare industry standards
  • Passionate about innovative medical devices
  • Promoting success through teamwork
  • Achieving excellence in the workplace
  • Continuous delivery on promises
  • Transparent business practices

Our Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life of patients, improve the user experience of the clinician and provide cost avoidance and cash releasing alternatives to procurement departments. We strive to provide all of this through offering solutions that are:

  • Clinically Sustainable
  • Financially Sustainable
  • Operationally Sustainable

Our goals are to enable hospitals to have the most innovative devices available that will have a positive impact on purchase spend management, management of internal materials, total cost of ownership purchase price and demand value management.

From a clinical perspective we offer medical devices that surgeons, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are able to comfortably work with to enhance patient outcomes without adding the burden of cost to the overall procedure.

Focus on growth in areas within surgery and interventional medical devices, gather the necessary expertise and resources to implement and augment these specialities. Through continuous improvement, build on these areas by utilising our knowledge and assimilating advances in medical technology and education.

  • To drive efficiency and resourcefulness, offer customers fair substantial value and return on investment for their purchases. Avoid participation specialities where we are unable to make unique and worthy contributions to innovation.
  • Make a fair and reasonable profit to guarantee the future of our company and provision of high end medical devices to patients. Meet our financial obligations and sustain growth to reach our goals, offering job security to employees and shareholders.
  • Maintain good citizenship and contribute to worthy causes around the globe that improve healthcare.
  • To proactively mitigate business risks and un-expected disruptions that could affect our business operations. Inomed’s Business Continuity Plan includes, Business Continuity Planning, IT Response and Recovery, Emergency Response and Crisis Management and Mobilisation.