Company Overview

Inomed Health operates from a state of the art innovation centre that was opened by HRH Princess Anne in 2006. The company was also awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Award, we provide innovative medical devices, premium healthcare products at fair prices and are passionate about healthcare.

Inomed Health: About Us

Inomed Health is a highly successful UK based distributor supplying a wide range of premium quality medical devices at affordable prices supported through an experience network of highly educated professionals.

Leadership & Quality

Our staff are proven leaders in their specialties and have a solid background in medical devices.

Inomed Health Limited is a ISO9001 certified company.

Our products save and improve lives so we take our responsibilities extremely seriously.

At Inomed Health this is what it means to us:

  1. A customer centric approach to everything and not just focused on our products
  2. Comprehensive closed loop processes implemented from manufacture to the end user of the product lifecycle
  3. Proactive leadership, identifying any problems and uncovering issues from the start
  4. Collaborative working relationships with all healthcare and procurement professionals for our products
  5. Transparency and openness with our stakeholders, manufacturing partners and customers

Quality Policy

To dedicate our resources unreservedly sourcing the most reliable and premium quality medical devices at a reasonable and fair cost to all; to become recognised as the industry leader for it transparency, honesty, integrity and service.”

We are a progressive company and that means going beyond what the customer expects from us as an organisation and not just from the products we supply. Exceeding customers expectations without any hindrance, delivering on our promises and having an unsurpassed safety record, quality, dependability and reliability through a stringent and effective process that meets with industries demanding quality criteria’s and regulation.